An analysis of the plot and setting of the book the prince and the pauper

In regal splendor, enjoying the adulation of his subjects, but recognized for who he really is by his mother, Tom rides through the streets of London toward Westminster Abbey.

John Canty, however, intercepts them and tries to take the prince, whom he still believes to be his son, but Hendon sends him away. The judge is kindly, and the sentence is short. Although Hendon tries to follow, he loses the trail.

The Prince and the Pauper Setting & Symbolism

One of them is the son of a poor and abusive father while the other is a song of the King Henry 8th of England.

It would look something like this. If you liked this post then do leave us your feedback in the comments section. Simultaneously, the prince notices Tom when he sees a soldier roughly pulling the young boy away from the fence; the prince rebukes the soldier and invites Tom into the palace.

Having believed throughout their travels together that the boy was mad, Hendon cannot believe that his young friend, now on the throne, is the same person. Eventually, he returned to court again as a prince, and events that happened to him were his great experience and influenced his reign as a king.

Meanwhile, having had the role of king of England thrust upon him, Tom is slowly learning to conduct himself royally. While Tom dines with the nobility and watches the pageantry of the dinner, the real prince stands outside the Guildhall, trying to get in, asserting that he is the true Prince of Wales.

Edward makes the mistake of leaving the palace while wearing the rags of Tom. Secondly, the characters written in the book are also written very beautifully. After dreaming about living in the lap of luxury, Tom makes his way to Westminster Palace one day. So Henry, being the kind of guy he was, decided to take things into his own hands.

On his way over he runs into a soldier and an adventurer who came back to England after an extended period of slavery. When we read all those descriptions of sumptuous parties, we should probably keep in mind that these parties are pretty much bankrupting the king.

Finally, Miles is sentenced to sit two hours in the pillory; he also takes twelve lashes because the prince once again tries to assert himself. Henry now demands the return of his seal, but Tom reports that he does not know where it is. Edward, who has witnessed the incident, protects Tom and takes the young beggar into the palace.

The Prince and the Pauper Analysis

One of the thieves, Hugo, undertakes to teach Edward the tricks of his trade. Before he was forced to live as a poor man, he lived in the belief that all people live as well as him.

The Prince and the Pauper Summary

Court of a justice of the peace before whom Edward is taken after being arrested for stealing a pig. Offal Court Offal Court.

What is the plot of The Prince and the Pauper?

Imperiously and angrily proclaiming that he is the Prince of Wales, Edward is mocked by the crowd around the royal gate, beaten, and has several dogs set upon him; all the while asserting that he is the son of the king. The crowd is just about ready to tear him to pieces when Miles Hendon comes to save the day.

Tom agrees with him, and together they prove that Edward is the real prince, since the prince is the only person who could know where the Great Seal is.The "whipping-boy story," originally meant as a chapter to be part of The Prince and the Pauper was published in the Hartford Bazar Budget of July 4,before Twain deleted it from the novel at the suggestion of William Dean Howells.

Book Summary Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List The Prince and the Pauper tells the tale of two boys who trade clothing one afternoon and, as a result, they trade lives as well.

We'll admit five is pretty high for a kids' book, but kids during Mark Twain's day must have been pretty smart to enjoy The Prince and the Pauper.

Maybe it was something in the ideas and Plot Analysis. The Prince and the Pauper is a fable or fairy tale for young readers written in the 19th century by Samuel Clemens, under the pen name of Mark Twain. It tells the story of two boys in 16th century England who were born on the same day and look identical, but are unrelated.

Contains a detailed analytical plot synopsis, background and publishing history, essays on major characters and places, and other topics, including dramatic adaptations of The Prince and the. The Prince and the Pauper (), along with A Tramp Abroad and Life on the Mississippi, was written by Mark Twain as he put aside The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn .

An analysis of the plot and setting of the book the prince and the pauper
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