Defining employee assistance programs eaps and its benefits

Differences in health care claims, while large, were not statistically significant. Absenteeism was used more often than other criteria and showed improvements in all the studies in which it was evaluated. You may also be concerned about child care and elderly care issues, since those take up much of your time and attention, even when you are at work.

Only recently has the impact of supervisor training been the subject of research. Theory and Practice of Brief Therapy. As you are promoted to a higher position within the company, this comes attached with more responsibilities.

The provision of employee assistance services has established business benefits, including increased productivity of employees termed "presenteeism" and decreased absenteeism. The set of activities that might be seen as part of EPAs is fairly well defined and accepted by practitioners in the field.

Examples are marital therapy, family therapy and career counseling.

What is an Employee Assistance Plan?

If we talk about problems in the workplace, however, there are already fixed rules and policies in place that are designed specifically to address these types of issues. The services use a variety of Internet-related platforms, including e-mail, instant messaging, live chat and, in some cases, Skype video calls or other Internet-based videoconferencing.

As Millennial generation adults enter the workplace, they bring with them an array of unique personal concerns as well as some of the same mental health and substance use issues that employ-ers have been addressing for many years.

Standards should be set and continuing education and certification should be required. Are you able to conduct a needs assessment of our organization?

Post September 11[ edit ] In most recent years, the services provided by EAPs have changed in their direction. Persons reviewing test results should be required to demonstrate expertise with respect to toxicology, pharmacology, and occupational medicine.

Dealing with this latter problem suggests the need for true field experiments in which access to EAPs would be randomized, ideally at the individual level but more realistically by work site in multisite companies. EAPs are a field of practice comprised of multidisciplinary professionals including social workers, psychologists, professional counselors, substance abuse counselors, and nurses.

The process of addiction to alcohol: The most prevalent problem category is psychological and emotional problems, with 44 percent of the clients in this category.

Some believe that such programs have a spillover effect on illicit drug use. Changes in drinking behavior, employment status, and other life areas for employed alcoholics 3, 6, and 12 months after treatment. Health benefit claims for diagnoses other than alcohol and other drug abuse were higher for the experimental group.

What is an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) & How Does It Work?

EAPs have also been affected by technology, terrorism attacks, natural disasters, disabilities act, and workplace violence. The evaluation studies reviewed above indicate that such programs can be effective, especially when a follow-up component is incorporated into the intervention program.

Blanket rules referring all positive-testing employees to treatment can be costly to employers without providing commensurate benefits to them or their employees. Generally, we can say that providing employees with access to health programs and benefits is already a form of application of EAP.

An EAP is not a replacement for traditional behavioral healthcare services, as not all problems can be resolved in this context.

The most common model in the United States is six sessions. Gerstein, editor; and H.Defining an employee assistance program as a coun- benefits at Aon Hewitt.

“If we define it as a counsel- of employee assistance programs is nominal in comparison to other. Employee assistance programs (EAPs), while not as visible as medical or retirement plans, are a key component of any competitive benefits package.

What is an EAP? An employee assistance program (EAP) is a set of services designed to improve and/or maintain productivity and healthy functioning of the workforce through the application of.

Jun 15,  · Called employee assistance programs and offered by many employers, these provide confidential referral services of all kinds.

They include a range of personal services for workers and their. standardized definition, the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA), the largest, international, professional organization for EAPs, provides a comprehensive definition of EA that is acceptable to most professionals in the field.

As the demands of today's competitive marketplace increase, employers are turning to employee assistance programs and work family programs to help employees remain focused and productive.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh values its employees and the unique contribution each person makes to enhance our university community. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) reflects this commitment to employee well-being through offering an array of free and confidential services for employees experiencing personal or work related .

Defining employee assistance programs eaps and its benefits
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